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Concussion Rehabilitation in Surrey BC

Have you experienced a concussion? Concussions are a very unique injury- one that must be treated by a professional immediately after diagnosis. Without being a trained expert in concussion protocol, there are very few medical professionals that can treat such a serious injury. Apex Physiotherapy in Surrey has a team of specialists who are specifically experienced with concussion management, and can help you recover from your concussion today.

What is a Concussion:

It is traumatic brain damage which is an effective injury on the brain. The brain is the most sensitive part of our physical mechanism. The most sensitive part can be injured the most. This type of injury effects on brain tissue and break the chemical balance. A concussion is a serious injury which may cause cognitive, short term memory loss, confusion, behavioral symptoms. According to the statistics of The Centers for Disease Control, there are 1.6 million to 3.8 million people are suffering from concussions and concussion-like symptoms worldwide.

The Best Concussion Treatment Rehab:

The best concussion rehab in Surrey can be found at Apex Physiotherapy in Surrey BC. The professionals at Apex have the ability to properly diagnose and treat a concussion through their concussion management program. People who are suffering from concussion-like symptoms should make it a priority to visit Apex in Surrey for an initial diagnosis.

Apex physiotherapy provides a balance between the patient and the consultant. Concussion treatment in Surrey has taken the right steps to provide progress both physically and mentally. Not only is a return to health program created, the professionals at Apex will talk you through your program so you know what to expect on your journey back to full health.

Concussions may be caused by sports injuries, vehicle accident during which the head is shaken (whiplash),  or just a straight blow to the neck or head from a fall. Concussion symptoms can range from sleeping difficulties to short term memory loss, confusion, or migranes. Concussion treatment in Surrey is an option at Apex physiotherapy – make an appointment today if you feel you may be experiencing any of the concussion symptoms.

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