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Acupuncture is a 2,500 years old treatment method which started in China. Acupuncture is a very practical treatment which cures disease just according to its own theory of diagnosis.

According to this treatment method, it is said that the fluctuating energy flow of the human body is the actual reason for disease. Through this theory, acupuncture tries to create the perfect balance of the flowing energy and cures the issue. In Abbotsford and Surrey, acupuncture is being provided by the experts at Apex Physiotherapy.

Benefits and Effects:

Acupuncture is a method using filament needles, which just pinpoint the exact position of the pain or the injury. There are some beneficial effects of using acupuncture. Medication cannot be the best option for all your issues. By medicating for multiple issues at the same time, you can risk having adverse effects to medication reacting to one another. Acupuncture is an effective treatment method that can be used for multiple serious problem such as:

  1. For post-surgical or chemotherapy nausea can be solve using acupuncture.
  2. Postoperative dental pain.
  3. Low back pain
  4. Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  5. Headache.
  6. Problems in tennis elbow.
  7. Vomiting etc.


Why Acupuncture is Safe:

Acupuncture should only be approached by skilled and experienced individuals. Acupuncture in Surrey and Abbotsford can be found at Apex Physiotherapy – which has experienced professionals who are qualified to apply acupuncture properly. These acupuncture specialists are eligible to apply the therapy in a proper way. Acupuncture can cure multiple health issues such as vomiting, headaches, post-surgical pain, fibromyalgia, etc. Identifying the root cause of the issue is an art form – ensure you leave this art form to the specialists at Apex Physiotherapy.

Whether it’s your first time dabbling an Acupuncture or you’re an experienced veteran of the art form, our experts at Apex Physiotherapy can help you with all your acupuncture treatments.

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