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Apex Online Telerehab Services

We believe that everyone should have access to quality rehabilitation services REGARDLESS of where they live! TeleRehab services are currently available for anyone living ANYWHERE in the province of British Columbia

Book your COMPLIMENTARY consult call and talk to one of our experienced physiotherapists to learn more about our virtual services, how they work and if these are the RIGHT fit for YOU!

We are a team of Health professionals who are dedicated to helping our patients reach their goals. We believe in working as a team and giving you the TOOLS you will need to move forward in your journey to recovery. In recognizing that not everyone has the physical access to services we set out to find a way to bring the services to YOU!

What does this mean to you?

This means you can receive your physiotherapy in the privacy and comfort of your home and KNOW you are receiving the same quality care you would receive in our clinic. Learn More about our Online Clinic "Telerehab" services currently available all over BC.

Why virtual services?

Our Telerehab services were created for those patients who can not come to the clinic for their appointment.

TWO ways to use virtual physiotherapy services at Apex:

  1. Patients who come to the clinic for some sessions and use our virtual appointments for other sessions.
  2. Patients who ONLY use our virtual services. These are typically patients who do not live in the Fraser Valley region but still wish to access our exceptional services

How do online physiotherapy consultations work?

The process is very simple at Apex Physiotherapy.

We provide an initial online video conference and diagnosis. In this service you will receive: Access to an App via which Comprehensive assessment will be conducted.

Your treatment will include:

  • Initial advise on management of your condition
  • Access to an app which stores exercises prescribed and helps your physio keep track of your progress
  • Contact to your physiotherapist whenever you need it.
  • Personal and tailored physiotherapy exercises sent to your phone or computer
  • Any additional items needed like physio tape will be shipped to your address

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